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Where Have All The Lions Gone?

Due to recent changes in federal law, we have removed all of our lion products from Bones to Pick. The African Lion has been added to the Endangered Species List, making interstate sale of lion parts illegal in the United States, so we will no longer be dealing in them. The new law goes into effect January 22nd, but we are taking this measure preemptively so that there is no chance we will still have lion pieces in transit at that time.

For more information on the changes in federal law, please see the following links:

Holidays and Shipping

As of today, I’ve performed my last post office run before the holidays.  Due to holiday family functions, unforseen work and holiday gift delivery times, plus numerous other factors up to and including sheer exhaustion, I will not be making any more post office runs until after the holidays (after New Year’s and such have passed).  Any orders from BtP or any trades that need going out will be done after that time.  Any orders made prior to today (Friday, December 18, 2015) have been processed and shipped.  Any orders made today and onwards will ship after January 2, 2016.

I would like to take this time to thank all of you here for your continued support of Bones to Pick, and would like to wish everyone a very safe, happy and blessed holiday season.  I will be more in touch after the new year comes in.  Best wishes to everyone.  For me, after work and such clears up, it’ll be lots of food, family, booze and numerous other related shenanigans.  Cheers and Happy Holidays, folks!

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Lion claws available, plus a few notes

A few more of the lion claws from the batch have been posted.  These will likely be the only ones we’ll be posting for awhile, so get them while you can.  The others will be posted if and when they are ready.  Instead of testing the limits of my growing headache further by giving a detailed explanation as to why, I’m going to quote a friend and customer of BtP:

“To borrow from my Husband’s nomenclature for a moment, the “Average
Cadaver” cannot understand that to some , not all items from our fellow
creatures that walk among us are easily acquired. They must be cared
for, Honored, prayed over and given much love prior to parting with them
in any way.”

This rather explains the primary drive behind our philosophies here at Bones to Pick.

Of those claws that we posted, one is a fully cleaned specimen wire-wrapped in brass for use as talismanic jewelry.  The others that we posted are sold “as is”.  These claws came from an old, vintage Tanzanian lion rug.  These are all bone-in; some may have tanned flesh and fur still attached, some claws may show natural damage.  Please see photos.  I actually prefer relics like these over the sanitized ones, as they provide more useful materia to connect with the animal’s energies and also vibrantly express character unique to the living animal that once owned them.  Please feel free to check them out on our website and do feel free to get in contact with us if you have any questions.

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A Small Reminder

There are a vast array of laws in the United States and worldwide governing the sale, trade,  possession, import and export of animal parts.  A somewhat comprehensive list may be found here.

Due to the complexity of the laws involving international trade, we at Bones to Pick will presently not sell any of our pieces which involve animal parts internationally.  We will only ship them to valid US addresses.

Within the US, each state has their own laws regarding such items.  We abide by federal law and by the laws of the states we live in.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure that the items they are purchasing from us are legal to own in their home state.

Finally, and this should really go without saying, please do not ask us to procure animal parts which are illegal under federal law.  We will bend over backwards for our customers, but we are not willing to commit a felony for you.  We are, however, willing to work with you to try to find a legal alternative that will suit your spiritual needs.

RE: Lion Claws (More Info)

I’ve received a lot of inquiries about the lion claws I posted earlier this week.  Please note that these are not the only claws that I have, nor will I be posting these for sale all at once.  Remember that I am also a spiritworker, not just a peddler in animal parts.  I address each claw individually as it comes into my hands.  Sometimes divination or other work may need to be done.  Some may be worked into ritual jewelry pieces, some may be sold as is.  Please keep watching Bones to Pick for further info on when they’ll become available.  Thanks all for your interest and patience.

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A small handful of the African lion claws I’ll be working with…

A small handful of the African lion claws I’ll be working with in the next days.  The claws of a lion (but one could say, any big cat) represent many things to many people.  Royalty, gold, the blazing sun, and cleansing flame.  Big cat relics are thrilling to have and thrilling to work with, but that thrill always has a price.  You must be ready to handle the burn, to brace yourself for claws sinking deep within your soul.  Cats never give it away for free.  They honor strength, and abhor, even punish, weakness.  I make it a point, ritually, to never deal too deeply with big cat relics while I am sick, or mentally off kilter.  So they will sit with light and water until they are ready to be worked or offered as is.

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Antique African Lion claws. Coming soon on Bones to Pick.

Antique African Lion claws. Coming soon on Bones to Pick.

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Wolf claws are now available on the Bones to Pick shop!  These…

Wolf claws are now available on the Bones to Pick shop!  These are real, authentic North American Grey Wolf claws, wire-wrapped in real sterling silver.  Bones to Pick is also running a ‘Cyber Monday’ sale, 15% off items in our shop.  Stop on by and check us out!

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Bone fragments and pieces from a roadkill juvenile grey wolf….

Bone fragments and pieces from a roadkill juvenile grey wolf. I’ll be sorting through and settling some of these pieces today. Amongst the pile are a complete set of pelvic bones, which can lend balance and stability to a working.

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Ethics and the Work

I’m sure this probably doesn’t need saying, but I’m going to say it anyway: guys, I am not just a peddler in animal parts.  There is a significant amount of ritual work that goes into what I do–divination, purification, propitiation, offerings, and other related functions. Please understand this when getting in contact with me.  What I provide are not just products but also services–some of which goes along automatically when a purchase is made with me, some of it is not even listed on BtP.  Ask.  Counseling and spiritual work are part of the package of services I provide, but I prefer to sit down with everyone on an individual basis and jam with them about what they need.

Note too that I also have a “regular” job, one that pays my bills, keeps food on the table and a roof over my head.  So, you won’t have to worry about someone who will throw ethics to the wind and gouge you to pay the cell phone bill.  I am a human services worker, and I am a spiritual services worker as well.  The ethics I employ to the former I also do to the latter.  If you have a product or service you would like to request of me (or anyone else here at BtP), you can do so with confidence.  But also please understand that most of my work–spiritual or temporal–I perform offline.  I may be sporadic with messages, or even occasionally inconsistent in my communication.  Have patience.  I am here.

I want to thank you all for making Bones to Pick a success, as we’ve met some wonderful people and made some awesome connections in the short time we’ve been operational so far. 


Joey Atreides

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