Originally written 4/21/13  and published on the website of “Cressona Paranormal”.   I’m doing a bit of revising  due to further experience and to reach a broader audience, but the main information remains the same…..

And now for a tidbit from Riverwolf…

This is written in order for paranormal teams and the assistants of spiritual workers to keep in mind what a Worker may need during and after an encounter or ceremony.  It’s also written as a reminder for Worker/Priests/esses to have on hand things to ground them and help them recover so that they can continue to do their calling.  I refer to mediums mostly in this post, but the word can be changed to suit any other Spirit Worker.


After some intense spirit work, I figured I should post a bit on something we mediums tend to forget, Self Maintenance.

We tend to forget sometimes that what we do as mediums takes a great deal of energy, and we cannot rely on others to know when we are running low. Sometimes we cannot even rely on ourselves to know and so we must take steps to charge up  ourselves before we go to work and to take care of ourselves after a session.

1. Some think that coffee is the elixir of life, and it is a wonderful brew, but myself and my colleagues have found that water is of crucial importance. No only does being hydrated add to your level of concentration, but drinking during and after a session/investigation washes out any toxins that may have accumulated. Going without water can cause a toxic build up than can manifest in the form of headaches, migraines, body cramps, stomach aches, lethargy and general scatteredness.

2. Don’t push yourself past the point of no return. We as mediums and spirit workers can think that we can go like Energizer Bunnies until our spirits begin to slowly bring us down to earth. We need to recognize this limit, and better yet let our partners/team members know when this limit is reached. If we ignore it, we run the risk of having “the plug pulled” or begin to “run on fumes”. Any medium or spirit worker out there knows exactly what this feeling is and is nodding their head with a “been there, done that” smile. When we begin to run on fumes, then we can have a hard time bouncing back. Some of us can even fall into emotional depression or be physically ill afterward. No case is worth a medium needing to push that hard. Have a prearranged signal that everyone knows as their “The medium is getting tired” sign and let her wrap up what she is doing. If the family continues to try to talk to her, have another field member gently tell the family that the medium needs a break. Then hydrate and if you feel recharged, go on or go sit out in the car if you are completely drained. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SPEAK UP. This is your team and they care about you. If the team seems not to care about your welfare, you need to join another team.

(The above was written as if the Worker is part of a paranormal team.  As a rule, Workers should never work for the community alone, especially when there is a report of a possibly violent/malignant haunting.   Always go into a community home with at least an assistant unless you know the people well.)

3. Develop a “Spiritual First Aid Kit”. Again, this has been developed over years, trial and error and a dose of “damn, I wish we had -fill in the blank.” We never know exactly what we will be experiencing when we walk into a situation. We could be faced with anything from being overwhelmed by a waiting room full of frustrated spirits trying to communicate with their loved ones, to possession to being psychically attacked. We keep a bottle of “La Bomba”, in our kit, for spiritual cleaning of both ourselves and the possible client, some supplies for communicating with spirits, extra drinking water, protein (usually beef jerky or peanut butter cookies) for grounding and other things that help us. A First Aid Kit should contain anything you might think you would need to help yourself reorient and recharge. Other examples of what we have are bandanas to cover your head or clean people, ginger for nausea and pain killers for headache. If you work with another medium partner, it would of course be good to plan this pack together.

Hopefully, this little blog will give Spirit Workers ideas and reminders on taking care of themselves.  And PLEASE feel free to add your comments and suggestions and “tricks of the trade” to further ideas on how we can take care of ourselves.

Hollie Riverwolf
Medium/Spirit Worker