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I’ve received a lot of inquiries about the lion claws I posted earlier this week.  Please note that these are not the only claws that I have, nor will I be posting these for sale all at once.  Remember that I am also a spiritworker, not just a peddler in animal parts.  I address each claw individually as it comes into my hands.  Sometimes divination or other work may need to be done.  Some may be worked into ritual jewelry pieces, some may be sold as is.  Please keep watching Bones to Pick for further info on when they’ll become available.  Thanks all for your interest and patience.

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  1. Sarah Orange

    To borrow from my Husband’s nomenclature for a moment, the “Average Cadaver” cannot understand that to some , not all items from our fellow creatures that walk among us are easily acquired. They must be cared for, Honored, prayed over and given much love prior to parting with them in any way. No one should be expected to hastily sell objects to anyone who inquires about them as if they are simple trinkets that are mass produced. Instead, the one seeking to purchase the item should give some respect to the care and work that is taken on each and every piece.

    Sadly, it’s far too easy to acquire items such as these that were taken in a harmful and dangerous manner. To use items such as this to many of us would be of no use. Just because someone sells something does not mean they understand what they are selling. This has been a problem I have ran across time and time again when I ask if bones, pieces, hides, etc. are “Honored”. Many fail to realize what that means and have no answer. Which is why I choose to come here to acquire goods that I need. As I need not ask what attention has been given to these sacred treasures. I know everyone on this site has immense respect for the animal and the cycle of life and death itself. I applaud you for your statement and wish others would understand these matters clearer. So there would have been no need for you to make it.

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