Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

I was intending on blogging more, but often time tends to get away from me. I get busy or distracted. I’m too engrossed, entwined or invested in a situation or event to write about it. Taking time to pause or to breathe isn’t always an easy thing, even more so when one dedicates much of their life to the living as well as the dead. Outside circumstances beyond my control tend to be the only things capable of slowing my momentum, of stopping me in my tracks.

Circumstances like this, the one we’re all facing right now. The fucking Rona.

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, my job has been shut down and I have been temporarily laid off. There are many here and in places of the world who are experiencing this problem…and so much worse. Despite all this, I still have my head above water, I’m still cruising along and my contingency plans for these sorts of emergencies are in effect. But, being forced to be still presents its own challenges I’ve been working hard to overcome. I’ll be honest, I freaked out over that a bit. Like a farm-bred border collie stuck in an apartment, I needed to be put to work or I’d tear the whole place apart.

So anyway…here I am. Here we are. Let’s talk a bit. Business first.

*Bones To Pick will continue operating as usual. We have always been committed to clean, safe and sanitary operations (inasmuch as one can with natural relics and curios, and practicing a spiritual system that to many is considered “dirty”). Social distancing is in effect—not much of a problem given the head proprietor is a bit of a hermit to begin with—and we are working hard to make sure orders are filled and delivered in a timely manner. However, we cannot control what happens once these orders leave our hands, there may be national or regional postal delays in effect that may increase wait time. We are fulfilling orders with this in mind, but request customers to be patient while awaiting their curios and relics in the mail, and to understand prior to placing an order for any goods and services that delays will be inevitable until this crisis passes. In accordance with local mandates regarding social distancing, post office runs therefore will only be made once per week in single bulk runs.

*We will be adding more products and services over the course of the spring. As the coronavirus crisis continues, we will be modifying prices for some goods and services so that they may become more accessible to others during times of economic hardship. We maintain a high grade of curio quality and prompt, experienced service, understand that these prices will be subject to change as this urgent situation passes over and life “returns to normal”, whatever that may end up being.

We wish our customers, clients and colleagues health, safety and prosperity during this difficult time.