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  1. Your service was and is great. Things are settling down in our home. We think the session was successful, but only time will tell. We are most pleased with the investigation and the inadvertent follow-up when you came to pick up the rattle. Will keep in touch with progress. Thank-you.

  2. This is my formal request to witness this played out before me in person! Eian and I both got a good chuckle out of this one.

  3. i would like to purchase the lion claws.
    Please let me know when available.


  4. To borrow from my Husband’s nomenclature for a moment, the “Average Cadaver” cannot understand that to some , not all items from our fellow creatures that walk among us are easily acquired. They must be cared for, Honored, prayed over and given much love prior to parting with them in any way. No one should be expected to hastily sell objects to anyone who inquires about them as if they are simple trinkets that are mass produced. Instead, the one seeking to purchase the item should give some respect to the care and work that is taken on each and every piece.

    Sadly, it’s far too easy to acquire items such as these that were taken in a harmful and dangerous manner. To use items such as this to many of us would be of no use. Just because someone sells something does not mean they understand what they are selling. This has been a problem I have ran across time and time again when I ask if bones, pieces, hides, etc. are “Honored”. Many fail to realize what that means and have no answer. Which is why I choose to come here to acquire goods that I need. As I need not ask what attention has been given to these sacred treasures. I know everyone on this site has immense respect for the animal and the cycle of life and death itself. I applaud you for your statement and wish others would understand these matters clearer. So there would have been no need for you to make it.

  5. A’ho! Your words ring true for every system of beliefs that I can think of errr, well that I care to “listen to” shall I say. Stand strong, honey. Those of us that love you will continue to. And love you for standing up for yourself, standing your ground and showing that you don’t give a shit what anyone has to say about you or anyone else. It’s time for some blindfolds and gags to come off in MANY a Spiritual Community, IMO. <3

  6. Laurie Romano

    May 12, 2016 at 1:45 PM

    I absolutely agree. I don’t think the spirits have issues with transgender people, homosexuality or gender politics; I think those distinctions are exclusively human. For me, the questions are a non issue. What matters is the relationship the magician has with spirit, whether that is the one or the many or all of the above.

  7. Thank you for this 🙂

  8. I think my partner, Joseph, has done a great job articulating how spiritual practitioners can work with endangered animals in an appropriate, respectful manner.

    For my part, in watching this controversy unfold, one thing has stood out to me: the focus on endangered species as powerless, broken, weak, dying. The focus on feelings of sorrow, of loss, anguish, despair, pain and agony. We are told that this is a psychic impression of the species, and that merely channeling them invokes weeping. We are told that they cannot run “hot”, cannot help us spiritually, that they are powerless.

    As a spiritual practitioner, I object to this characterization on two grounds. The first, and most obvious to my mind, is the fact that the animals in question are being portrayed as having human existential concerns regarding the fate of their species – to the point that every single member of the species is apparently filled with despair, whether they died in agony or died peacefully of old age in their sleep. This is sheer anthropomorphization, and projecting of one’s own feelings onto the species. And it is entirely unnecessary to take such an extreme position in order to promote conservation.

    The second basis on which I make my objection is theological. We, as practitioners of ATRs and ATR-derived practices, are supposed to believe that the species is weak and cannot help us, cannot “run hot”, cannot be spiritually effective due to the endangered position they are in today? Yet our spiritual practices, the ones we have found to be effective, come to us from those who were themselves captured, enslaved and brought to these shores against their will. They come from generations of the “weak”, the “lost”, those filled with anguish, despair, and pain. And these traditions, these ancestors of blood and spirit, are not powerless. They do run hot.

  9. I would LOVE a class like this! I’m so far South that I’m pretty far from any classes such as this. If anyone knows of any down by me (remember I’m a good 8+ hours from Miami 🙁 ) that are hosted by those we know, I would love to take it.

  10. Site Administrator

    November 11, 2018 at 3:31 PM

    We have them in various sizes; some are definitely small enough for a bone-reading set. Here are a few of the ones we have, with a quarter for size-comparison: Whale bone samples

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