General Disclaimer

All items and services available through Bones to Pick are sold as curios, art pieces, and entertainment only. We make no actual claims nor guarantee any supernatural, magical, or medicinal qualities for any product, even those we use ourselves. The names and alleged powers are gathered from books, folklore, and various occult sources and traditions.

Services, such as readings, spiritual consultations, spellcasting, etc., are based on subjective factors, opinion, and personal interpretation rather than scientific evidence.  Services, comments, opinions and advice do not come with any guarantees of results or accuracy.

Any actual spiritual or magical properties or presences attached to items sold through Bones to Pick are inherited at your own risk. Bones to Pick will not be held responsible for your experiences with any item, positive or negative, nor will we accept returns based on a negative experience. We will give you as much background as possible on every item and the lore regarding its use, but please understand we cannot control your personal experiences. While we respect you may wish to own a piece for novelty, we also ask that you please be very serious about what you are seeking to own and how you use and interact with it.

Advice or products from our store should never be considered a substitute for professional medical or psychiatric advice or assistance.  Please seek help from the appropriate health professionals if it is needed.  If you are in crisis, please consider seeking help at one of the hotlines listed here.

By purchasing from us, you agree that you are 18 years of age or older, and have read and agreed to these terms of service. Bones to Pick reserves the right to refund all orders, and refuse patronage.


At this time, Paypal is our primary means of payment and the only one accepted via the website.  Alternate arrangements, such as paying over the phone with a credit card (proccessed via Square), may be possible – please contact us to make any such arrangements.   For all payment methods, items will only be shipped once the payment has cleared.


On some items which you would like to purchase but do not immediately have the funds to purchase we may be able to hold the item for a short while.  Please contact us to see if we can hold a piece for you.  However, please understand that by asking us to hold an item you are committing to buy it.  Should the agreed-upon hold period expire without payment being made, the item will be re-listed for sale.  Should this happen more than once without a very good explanation, we may elect to decline further business from you as this ties up our inventory and keeps others from purchasing the reserved merchandise for the period of the hold.


All US orders are shipped via USPS. Tracking information will be sent to you upon shipment of order.

Express and overnight shipping may available on some products – please contact us for an additional invoice if this is desired.  Unless otherwise requested, insurance will only be added to purchases including original sculptures or art pieces, or packages containing $50 or more of product.

Regarding International Orders: due to the variation in international shipping rates, please contact us for info on current shipping rates based on your location before ordering. Otherwise, we will contact you with options for shipping (at additional cost to customer) upon receipt of your purchase.  Some items, particularly animal curios, may not be available for international shipping.

Estimated Wait Times

Please keep in mind that while several people are involved in the running of Bones to Pick, it does not provide a living income for any of us and we do have our regular jobs competing for our time.  Because of this, shipping may occasionally take up to two weeks from time of purchase though generally most items will be shipped within seven business days or less; should the shipping time become any greater than two weeks, for any reason, we will contact you.  This does not include the time it will take USPS to deliver the item to you.

Any customized or commissioned pieces will come with an estimated wait-time upon purchase. We do our best to give accurate estimates, but these are only estimates and other factors may cause the process of creating these items to take longer.   We will try to update you with a revised estimate if that is the case.  Please contact us before commissioning work to discuss potential wait time, or expedited service, if timing is of concern.

Back Orders, Out-of-Stock Items, and Special Orders

Our shopping cart tracks inventory on all purchases made through our site. However, we also sell via other sites, including Facebook groups, as well as offline.  We do our best to ensure that any one-of-a-kind or sold out products are removed from our store or listed as Back Order as soon as possible, but in the event that a Back Order item is purchased we will contact you with the option of a full refund, or an estimated wait time until the product will be back in stock.

In the event that a previously-sold one-of-a-kind item is purchased, we will contact you with the option of a full refund, or the application of your payment to a commissioned piece similar to the item sold, if at all possible.

Occasionally you may request Bones to Pick to obtain an item for you that is not part of our listed stock.  This is considered a Special Order.  Our agreement does not mean that we have the item in hand, but rather that we have sources we know can get us the item requested.  We will contact our suppliers and send the item to you as soon as we are able to.   If time is a concern, we will make every effort to accommodate you in that regard – so long as you let us know your deadline in advance.  We, sadly, do not have access to a TARDIS or similar time machine in order to facilitate rush orders that we are only told are rush orders after the fact.

Custom items are a class of Special Order where the item is individually hand-crafted for a particular customer.  Once work has begun on a custom order we cannot offer refunds, even if the buyer changes their mind, as our time and materials have already gone into the product.

Refunds and Exchanges

Exchanges may be made only before an order is shipped. We can not accept exchange requests given after your order has shipped or been received. Due to the nature of our products, returns are not accepted except in instances of the receipt of a wrong item. If this happens, please do not open individual item packaging, and contact us immediately.

Bones to Pick is not liable for damage done to any purchases by the post office while in transit. Refunds will not be issued for products damaged or lost in the mail. All tracking and insurance information (where applicable) will be held on record by Bones to Pick; should you need a duplicate of this information please ask. Should an item be damaged beyond repair, responsibility of filing an insurance claim with the postal service rests upon the customer. In the case of irreparable shipping damage done to personalized pieces, please contact us before surrendering damaged item to the post office to discuss the possibility of rescuing the pertinent parts if you desire to re-commission the piece which was broken.

Animal Products

There are a vast array of laws in the United States and worldwide governing the sale, trade,  possession, import and export of animal parts.  A somewhat comprehensive list may be found here.

Due to the complexity of the laws involving international trade, we at Bones to Pick will presently not sell any of our pieces which involve animal parts internationally.  We will only ship them to valid US addresses.

Within the US, each state has their own laws regarding such items.  We abide by federal law and by the laws of the states we live in.  It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure that the items they are purchasing from us are legal to own in their home state.

Finally, and this should really go without saying, please do not ask us to procure animal parts which are illegal under federal law.  We will bend over backwards for our customers, but we are not willing to commit a felony for you.  We are, however, willing to work with you to try to find a legal alternative that will suit your spiritual needs.