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Some Very Nice old Gneiss! Acasta gneiss is the oldest known exposed rock in the world. Zircon crystals inside the stone have been dated to the Hadean age, at 4.2 billion years old. These small pieces came from the collection of a Canadian geologist. Acasta gneiss is only found on the Acasta River of the Northwest Territories in Canada. Due to its remote location (you can only get to the formation via small plane), and the issue of transporting the specimens (you can only take so much heavy rock with you on a small plane flying over a remote area), Acasta gneiss is very rare on the collector’s market. These pieces are just the right size for adding to a bone reading kit, or as an ingredient for a working or part of a personal rock collection. These old stones have a lot to teach about Deep Time and the ancient wisdom of the Earth. Though Acasta Gneiss may look rather unassuming, it is a very powerful, primal connection to the Earth and its energies.