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On the same spiritual scavenging trip last summer where I collected the Wood of the Bear, I was also fortunate enough to have the opportunity to gather some red ocher clay from the bank of a small creek in the Ridge-and-Valley Appalachians in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.  The proper offerings were made to pay for it, and I must say it seems positively eager to be worked with.


I’ve taken the raw clay, which upon drying had hardened into a single solid mass in the tyvek bag I used to collect it, and used a hammer to break it up again.  I then carefully removed all the stones and gravel, and sifted it through a tea strainer in order to get a pure, fine red powder.  For many uses this may not be necessary, but for those who wish to use this red ocher powder for the practice of “reddening the bones” it may be advantageous.  My partner, Joseph Atreides, has used some of it in this manner with good results.


Other possible uses include workings which call on the qualities or spirits of the mountains and the creek from which it was taken.


As with the Wood of the Bear, I only have a small quantity currently available.  However, unlike that product I will be getting this one in stock again as there is plenty more where it came from and the spirits of that place seem quite willing to share their bounty and their gifts.


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3 ounces (85 grams)