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Rhynie Chert is a very rare and sought-after fossiliferous chert, from the Early Devonian of Rhynie in Aberdeenshire in Scotland. Famous for its remarkable preservation of early vascular plant life. Rhynie chert was formed when silica-rich water from volcanic springs preserved the surrounding ecosystem in situ. This offers a truly remarkable 3D ultrastructural preservation not only of this ancient plant life but the early arthropods which colonized it. Rhynie chert is exceptionally rare and very valuable, sought after by scientists as well as collectors. The residents of Rhynie no longer allow collection. This piece was obtained from the old collection of a micromounter who preps specimens for microscope observation in university settings.

Rhynie Chert is a valuable substance for herbalists and those who work closesly with the Earth’s flora, as you are connecting not only with a very ancient and primal energy, but the ancestral power of all the plants we know of today.