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Last May, while engaged in some spiritual scavenging with the other members of Bones to Pick and their family members, I had the good fortune to stumble upon a tree which at first I thought had been struck by lightning.  It looked as though it had literally exploded, with small scraps of wood littering the area around it.  A closer investigation, however, revealed no scorch marks.  Instead, it appeared as though a large animal – most likely a bear from the area, the size of the tree, and the amount of damage done – had ripped its trunk apart to get at a termite colony which had infested it.  Needless to say, I collected some of the scattered wood fragments.


Just recently I’ve taken some of that wood, rendered it into a powdered form, and prepared it for spiritual work.   This powder could be useful in any working where you wish to invoke the strength and tenacity of an animal capable of literally ripping a tree apart, or where you wish to cause a similar level of disintegration in your target.   My supplies are very limited, and I am keeping a reserve for my own use, so once these are gone it is unlikely to be carried again unless I have a similar stroke of luck in the future.

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