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The Alligator is an important animal in Southern Conjure, and can represent anything from protection to wealth, luck and fertility. The alligator is indeed a very fertile figure, having bounced back from the brink of extinction and heavily populate all major (and many minor!) waterways in southern states, where they are harvested for their meat (gator is indeed tasty) and leather. The alligator is featured in some traditional stories and folk figures such as “Papa Gator” and “Uncle Monday”, and may have stepped into the role once filled by its cousin, the Crocodile, on the African Continent. It is a sacred animal to major spirits of wealth and fertility within the ATRs such as Chola Wengue and the Orisha Oshun.

The heads in particular can be used in some strong Conjure workings, and it is believed that the spirit of the animal resides within the head (in fact, this holds true for many animals in many traditions, such as Palo, which place special emphasis on the skull as the seat of consciousness and power). A gator head with its mouth open can be utilized effectively in protective workings for one’s household.