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Serpent materia has been an important ingredient in many bilongos and spiritual workings. The viper in particular is used for more malefic works, everything from the fangs to bones to skin sheds being utilized. What you have here is an entire mummified head from a canebrake rattlesnake (also known as the timber rattlesnake or banded rattlesnake), a venomous pit viper endemic to the Eastern United States. These are not the heads you see mummified for the tourist market (ie rattlesnake bolos and pendants and so on), but naturally mummified heads minus the chemical preservatives and such used to preserve them. You will receive one head similar to the photos shown, store’s choice. Please note that a dead snake can still be venomous, as the poison glands are still very much intact. Please keep far away from children and pets. Must be 18+ to order, USA sales only. Please message with any questions you may have.