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Here on offer is a bottle of human crematory ash, for use in necromancy and related works. These ashes are authentic human cremains, carefully harvested from crematory ovens that process unclaimed human bodies. These ashes are from mixed individuals, ritually stored in a master vessel which is offered light and water. The ash is then decanted into smaller 3ml size bottles, which are then washed in Kananga Water and then left on the altar to incubate, while being offered light and water. The bottles are decorated with glass Ojo de Malo (evil eye) beads and black glass seed beads, strung with intent and tied around the neck of the bottle.

Weight (specify oz., lbs., grams, kg, etc.): 3ml
Dimensions (LxWxD, specify units, eg. in., ft., cm., etc.): 3ml bottle with screw cap