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Bracelet made from Jurassic dinosaur bone which mineralized into the gemstone agate (AKA ‘gem bone’), agatized Jurassic coprolite and two iron meteorite (sky iron) beads. A comet or meteorite may have taken out most of dinosaurs, but a surviving race of them rose above the flame and ash on wings (birds) to repopulate the entire planet, to feed us and inspire us too to take to the skies. Coprolite reminds us that yes, shit happens, but shit also fertilizes and provides life. Meteorites can destroy but they also renew and help us to rise above it all. Dinosaur bone teaches us the mysteries of stone, bone and Deep Time.

This bracelet comes with two specimens as meditation pieces—one Hell Creek dinosaur bone chunk, and one authentic NorthWest Africa XXXX chondrite meteorite piece.