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What is a Runic Sigil?
Nordic/Viking Runes or the Elder futhark

The Runes are thought to be an alphabet oracle brought to the world by Odin himself after the sacrifice/payment of his eye. Runes are said to be the voices of the Fates.
I have worked with Runes for well over twenty years. Other then doing readings for people I create Sigils.

What are my Runic Sigils?
Runic Sigils are created by casting the Runes, reading the Runes, being shown which of the Runes you need most and why. I them combine those Runes into a cohesive design called a Sigil.

What is a Sigil for?
A Sigil is a power item. They can give you strength, knowledge, health, and many more things depending on your personal Rune casting.

What do I get?
I will send you a copy of your Sigil by mail (drawn on hand made paper) or by e-mail.

For an extra charge (to be discussed):
the Runic Sigil carved onto a small piece of wood or stone
Runic Sigil carved onto larger pieces of wood or stone
jewelry quality pieces (I will give you the contact information of a colleague of mine)