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In African and Afro-diasporic divination, the focus is not on fortune telling. The use of the shells are much more practical. In using this system of divination, the focus is on giving you insight into your current situation and advice on how to resolve your own situation.

By using a system based within Afro-Creole traditions, we will be able to offer you insight into your current situation and practical solutions in dealing with the influences affecting you.The answers are provided according to traditional methods handed down within the Quimbisa tradition of Cuba, a creole tradition with origins within the Kongo traditions of West Central Africa.This reading will allow you to ask specific questions. The reading will focus on the 3 to 5 questions you provide.

Please tell me a little about yourself, your life situation and the questions you would like answers to. Upon receiving your payment, I will send you the answers to your questions via email (please remember to give me your e-mail address) within one to five days. You may ask follow up questions to be limited to clarification on the original questions and responses provided.

Disclaimer: This reading provides traditionally based advice only. Services to do “workings” or “trabajos” not included or offered. The provider is not responsible for your actions or decisions taken based upon information provided. For entertainment purposes only.