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A Totem or Spirit Animal are guides. They can be with you for life or with you just because you need them with you at the time. They help to guide you in life. Certain animals have different things they can teach us about ourselves and how to live our lives. Our Totems can show us many things that we didn’t know or even don’t want to know about ourselves. They are our guides, our teachers, the hands helping us move forward, or the hands pulling us back when we are not ready.
When I identify your Totem or totems I will tell you about them and their strengths and weaknesses. I will also tell you what they may want for and/or from you.

How do I find your Totem/Spirit animal?

I work very closely with my Totems and Spirit Guides. They assist me in finding and speaking to your Totem/Spirit Animal. Finding them and speaking to them can take me hours, if not days. After receiving your payment, I ask you to give me 1-5 days to give you the answers you seek.

What do you get for your money?

I will give you what they are. I will describe their attributes. I will tell you what having them in your life might mean. I will pass on whatever messages they wish me to communicate to you.