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Bones to Pick is a group of trained, experienced spiritual practitioners who help mediate between our human world and the world of spirits. We combine spiritual technology and techniques from many traditions.

We offer a variety of services:

  • Spiritual Readings and Counseling: All of our members are heavily involved with spirits and their interaction, and most of our members practice at least one form of divination, from the Western arts of runes and Tarot to the African chamalongo and diloggun, as well as others.  We provide these services to help those who need answers to questions, and can help others working in a spiritual lifestyle or approaching problems in a spiritual and holistic manner.
  • Paranormal Investigation and Aggressive Spirit-Handling Services: Several of our members have paranormal investigation experience and are more than happy to help investigate areas of spiritual, paranormal, and supernatural phenomena.  We help our clients with personal, on-site investigations to understand the causes and effects of potentially dangerous or worrisome situations, and can help with resolving environmental and spiritual issues including troublesome spirits.
  • Cleansing and Purification: We provide a variety of methods of spiritual cleansing and purification of people, homes, offices, and other places to clear out negative energy, harmful spiritual activity, and opening up new avenues for fortune and peace.  Cleansing is often followed by blessings and protection of a space or person so as to keep them spiritually pure and safe.
  • Spiritual Arbitration, Conflict Resolution, and Crisis Intervention: Many issues in life have a spiritual dimension to them, due to the activities of humans or other entities, and our members can help with resolving many of these issues.  Depending on the situation, we may provide cleansing and protection rituals to more thorough and direct methods of triage and arbitration of spiritual problems.
  • Last Rites and Vigils: For those who are close to crossing over or for those with loved ones soon to cross, we offer priestly services in several traditions to ensure easy and peaceful transitions from this life to the next, as well as helping those left behind with continuing their lives in peace and comfort.
  • Ritual Services: Using our expertise in working with spiritual forces, our members are well-trained in ritual services for our clients.  Such rituals may cover areas relating to prosperity, health, relationships, or other matters of personal concern.
  • Classes and Workshops: As a group of experts in a variety of spiritual methods and lifestyles, our members are more than happy to offer classes, workshops, and presentations on many aspects of the supernatural, paranormal, or spiritual world.

For more information on our services, or if you would like to get a quote for a particular service, please contact us.

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  1. Brad Tipton

    Your service was and is great. Things are settling down in our home. We think the session was successful, but only time will tell. We are most pleased with the investigation and the inadvertent follow-up when you came to pick up the rattle. Will keep in touch with progress. Thank-you.

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