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PSA on Bone Reading Sets

I’ve temporarily removed listings for bone reading sets while I replenish my stock.  This to ensure that those ordering sets aren’t waiting any longer than necessary–typical wait time for completed assembly of sets, depending on price and complexity, is 6-8 weeks.  Typically I’ve been able to stay well ahead of schedule, but I want to continue this trend, so temporarily I’ve removed the listings while I restock and get myself ready for the next batch.  All prior extant set orders have been shipped.

Soon also to come to Bones to Pick will be blog posts on a variety of topics related to sacred scavenging and theriomancy, as well as posts showcasing the products and services of fellow colleagues and practitioners.  Stay tuned.

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Some Shipping Updates

Okay, just to give everyone a general FYI: I am currently, more or less, living at work. There have been nothing but back to back shifts and work conferences this week (I’m at one right now as I’m typing this), and any free time is usually spent sleeping before the next shift. As a result, I’m a bit behind in shipments of orders and services and things. Not by a large amount, but enough that I felt it necessary to post this. Starting NEXT WEEK I’ll be filling, packing and shipping orders. Next week things should be more or less back to normal. Work has been VERY busy for me lately, and I also put in a lot of unpaid time making sure programs and things run smoothly on the job. After today I need to rest and take some time to myself, as I’m approaching some degree of burnout, socially and psychologically. I haven’t ignored or forgotten anyone. Once I get my head screwed on straight, I’ll start addressing messages and shipping things starting next week. In the meantime I thank everyone for their continued patience and support.

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BtP Orders and Weather

Just a heads-up to folks ordering from us–there is supposed to be a severe winter weather event set to occur by week’s end.  This will cause not only travel disruptions, but mail delays and work schedule changes.  Please expect a delay of 1 – 2 weeks in processing your order.  Any questions, comments or concerns can be directed to the individual seller, or via our contact form on our website.  As always, we greatly appreciate your continued support and patience. 

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A New Year’s Thought

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions, but one of the things I told myself I’d be doing is writing a little more on what I do.  People have been on my case about that for quite awhile now.  I must admit I am at times shocked by people who come to me seeking advice about a certain animal or “totem”, or to obtain a certain relic for their own uses, but they couldn’t tell me one true fact about that animal that they didn’t learn in some New Age animal totem dictionary put out by Llewellyn.  But you know, pounding words out on a blog post, that’s not always easy for me–my spirituality isn’t up for public consumption.  There is Work I do for community and individuals outside of family (not counting the Work I do inside that circle), but that’s on a ‘need to know’ basis, and normally done offline.  I’ve always been an in-person (some would say in your face) kinda guy.  Some of the pacts I’ve made with the spirits I work with involve not doing things like taking photographs of workings, sacred vessels, and the like.  Not in every case.  But in most.  Enough that I don’t do it often.  But I’ll try to do what I can, when I can, and when I feel like it.  Or, put simply–when I’m able.

Point being, I’m not an Internet Mage.  Time spent blogging and talking about what I do is time spent away from WHAT I’m doing.  I see so many internet personalities online blogging about their workings, rituals, spells, hoodoo and so on, I begin to wonder when they find the time to do any actual Work.  Everyone seems so concerned about what other people are doing online that they’re not focusing on themselves and what they should be doing.  But then again–and I say this myself all the time–try not to judge people by a thing they post on Facebook, or something they make on a blog post.  Not always easy advice for me to follow, as I tend to be a rather judgmental person.  I’m far from perfect, I’m a work in progress like anyone else.  But I suppose this leads into another “resolution” that I have for the new year: Do the Work, worry about your own ass and the hell with others.  At least, the others that don’t matter.  I’m normally pretty consistent with that, but I do trip up every so often.  As one does.

Right now it’s morning, and I’m thinking about what I need to do for the day, so I suppose I should get on with it.  I’d like to wish everyone following this blog a very happy and prosperous New Year, and thanks for jumping aboard.  Us folk here at Bones to Pick have learned and grown a lot from our journey so far this year, and we look forward to more of it in 2016. 


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Holidays and Shipping

As of today, I’ve performed my last post office run before the holidays.  Due to holiday family functions, unforseen work and holiday gift delivery times, plus numerous other factors up to and including sheer exhaustion, I will not be making any more post office runs until after the holidays (after New Year’s and such have passed).  Any orders from BtP or any trades that need going out will be done after that time.  Any orders made prior to today (Friday, December 18, 2015) have been processed and shipped.  Any orders made today and onwards will ship after January 2, 2016.

I would like to take this time to thank all of you here for your continued support of Bones to Pick, and would like to wish everyone a very safe, happy and blessed holiday season.  I will be more in touch after the new year comes in.  Best wishes to everyone.  For me, after work and such clears up, it’ll be lots of food, family, booze and numerous other related shenanigans.  Cheers and Happy Holidays, folks!

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Lion claws available, plus a few notes

A few more of the lion claws from the batch have been posted.  These will likely be the only ones we’ll be posting for awhile, so get them while you can.  The others will be posted if and when they are ready.  Instead of testing the limits of my growing headache further by giving a detailed explanation as to why, I’m going to quote a friend and customer of BtP:

“To borrow from my Husband’s nomenclature for a moment, the “Average
Cadaver” cannot understand that to some , not all items from our fellow
creatures that walk among us are easily acquired. They must be cared
for, Honored, prayed over and given much love prior to parting with them
in any way.”

This rather explains the primary drive behind our philosophies here at Bones to Pick.

Of those claws that we posted, one is a fully cleaned specimen wire-wrapped in brass for use as talismanic jewelry.  The others that we posted are sold “as is”.  These claws came from an old, vintage Tanzanian lion rug.  These are all bone-in; some may have tanned flesh and fur still attached, some claws may show natural damage.  Please see photos.  I actually prefer relics like these over the sanitized ones, as they provide more useful materia to connect with the animal’s energies and also vibrantly express character unique to the living animal that once owned them.  Please feel free to check them out on our website and do feel free to get in contact with us if you have any questions.

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Ethics and the Work

I’m sure this probably doesn’t need saying, but I’m going to say it anyway: guys, I am not just a peddler in animal parts.  There is a significant amount of ritual work that goes into what I do–divination, purification, propitiation, offerings, and other related functions. Please understand this when getting in contact with me.  What I provide are not just products but also services–some of which goes along automatically when a purchase is made with me, some of it is not even listed on BtP.  Ask.  Counseling and spiritual work are part of the package of services I provide, but I prefer to sit down with everyone on an individual basis and jam with them about what they need.

Note too that I also have a “regular” job, one that pays my bills, keeps food on the table and a roof over my head.  So, you won’t have to worry about someone who will throw ethics to the wind and gouge you to pay the cell phone bill.  I am a human services worker, and I am a spiritual services worker as well.  The ethics I employ to the former I also do to the latter.  If you have a product or service you would like to request of me (or anyone else here at BtP), you can do so with confidence.  But also please understand that most of my work–spiritual or temporal–I perform offline.  I may be sporadic with messages, or even occasionally inconsistent in my communication.  Have patience.  I am here.

I want to thank you all for making Bones to Pick a success, as we’ve met some wonderful people and made some awesome connections in the short time we’ve been operational so far. 


Joey Atreides

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