Preseli Bluestone

Preseli Bluestone, quarried from the same area where the inner stones of Stonehenge were quarried, and considered a sacred site. The main quarry site itself is off limits as a historical monument, but the formation overlaps some private farmland, where this particular stone was taken.


Toadstones, AKA bufonite, a very important stone in witchcraft. Believed to detect poison or malefic works by heating up and sweating, these magical stones were believed to be derived from the head of a toad and are often employed in toad magic. Toadstones are actually the teeth of certain types of prehistoric coral-feeding fish, such as drumfish and lepidotes, but have a very long pedigree of magical uses.  The photo is a sample of those available, the particular stone will be chosen by the shop.

The Green Knight

Part of the Greenwood Forest series. Coyote claw and bone, crocodile jasper, archaean butterstone, labradorite and chondrite meteorite chips. Bone, stone and the heavens arranged together to connect one with the mysteries of the nighttime forest.

Jack o’ the Green

Part of the Greenwood Forest series. Coyote bone, chondrite meteorite chip beads, kambaba jasper and archaean butterstone. Bone, stone and the heavens arranged together to connect one with the mysteries of the nighttime forest

Marmot Skin and Skull

Sold as a set.  Had these when I was teaching a young group on Groundhog Day. Skin is tanned and craft quality, no shed. Skull is intact.

North Star

For navigating troubled waters and tough times. Ojo de malo beads, shark vertebrae, sky iron charm, and compass rose.

The Witch of the Greenwood

The last installment I the Greenwood Forest Series. The Witch of Greenwood. Wolf and viper bone with meteorite chip beads, archaean butterstone and crocodile jasper.

Shake It Up

White ojo de malo, white glass beads, and stegodon bone. The stegodon is an extinct Proboscidean of the late Pleistocene, a relative of the mammoth. A reminder to shake things up now and then, but also to help one wall steady among much upheaval.

Dinosaur Bone Spheres

Agatized dinosaur bone spheres. These date from the Jurassic Age of Madagascar, from large Sauropod dinosaurs. The bone has been completely replaced with the gemstone agate over time. Spheres are smooth and measure 18 – 20mm. Unique and excellent for bone reading kits.

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